Super Mia And The Good Luck Duo


By Marie-Yolaine Williams

Once again, before I start in on this review, I must let you know that normally, I don’t accept children’s books. Just as I don’t accept YA or fantasy and most sci-fi…unless the book catches my interest. This one did. This one and another one by the same author. Please don’t send me requests for reviews for these genres because 99% of the time I will take a pass.


A dumped greyhound is befriended by a stray cat. They both are rescued and taken to a shelter where they meet the manager, Mia. Mia discovers that, after the two animals have been at the shelter for awhile, some amazing things happen.

I liked simplistic plot where characters are introduced and there are animals involved at a shelter and a happy ending for all.


Baggins: black greyhound

Evader: nicknamed ‘Vader’, black cat

Mia: animal shelter managers, suffers from M.S., blue eyes, blonde, Greek

Anouk: French, shelter assistant.

Interesting duo of humans and they share a bit of each culture. There are ‘interviews’ with two dogs at the end of the book, shelter adoptees that are pretty good.


Okay. A bit of a distinctive voice from Vader and the two dogs at the end.


A somewhat longer children’s book but not too long for boredom to set in. Could have used more pictures as there were pages without any pictures. A good message given for people to adopt animals from a shelter.

My Rank

Purple Belt



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