Old Dog, New Tricks


By Marie-Yolaine Wiliams



When Boscoe’s owner dies, he’s taken to a shelter. But Boscoe is an older dog. Will he find a new forever home?

I took this book because I love animals and I adopted my cat from a shelter. When I saw the request for a review I grabbed it at once. I think this plot is just the right one for showing young people that older animals are worthwhile companions, that they are loving and want a chance to enjoy a good life.


Mr. Pickett: 100 years old

Boscoe: 11 year old Basset Hound

Max: 8, collect baseball cards

You don’t need too many more characters to make a story a good one. Just the basics. They are simple yet complete.


Not much dialogue but the conversations are important to the story. Don’t worry about voices in this book. If you’re reading this to a child YOU make the voices distinct.


I like a book that isn’t afraid to share the truth. People and animals die. Yes, it’s sad but the point is to make life worth living for people and animals.

I chose this book knowing what it was and knowing that I would like it, even though I also suspected-correctly I might add-that it would choke me up and get me glassy-eyed. I often think of my previous dogs and miss them.

I think the writing was on target, clean, concise, and poignant.

On the few occasions I read children’s books, I find it difficult to rate them. It comes down to like-ability and if I would recommend it to children I know.

This one is a definite yes to both.

My rank:

Brown Belt



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