Breach Of Consciousness


By Peter Castillo



Marco Torres has lived all his life with a special ability. He is a novice telepath. As an adult, he meets others of his kind and soon they’re involved in a murder mystery.

I expected a lot more from this plot. It wasn’t a very long story and moved quickly. Although the premise was fine and promising, it lacks oomph.


Marco Torres: former Navy, struggling writer, tattooed

Marie Sutton: blonde, deciphers handwriting

Vicky Donnelly: long dark hair, fit, has a sister

Daniel Santiago: 40s, average build, mustache

Rebecca Santiago: Daniel’s twin sister

A few others. The characters are fine, distinctive. A shorter story means one doesn’t get to delve too much into back story but there was a bit of information here and there to get a flavor of the characters.

One thing I was interested in, was how did Marco make a living. He must have had some savings left over from the Navy because he didn’t work at any paying job.


Pretty good. Daniel has a good voice as does Marie and her mother.


1st person from Marco’s POV.

As mentioned this was a shorter story and the first part of the book was rushed through to get the reader through Marco’s childhood and onto being an adult. I think some slowing down would have helped the story, show more experiences with his talent. How else did it manifest itself when he was in the Navy? Examples? Adventures?

Unfortunately, there was little tension and danger shown in this story. Even when Marc and the Santiagos are surrounded by a gang I didn’t feel the danger. Without playing too much of a spoiler, the Santiagos have the power to ‘take over’ another person’s body for awhile. I thought this was cool, and there were several instances of this. However, there should have been more danger, more risk.

The author, at the beginning overuses the term ‘brain farts.’

All in all, this needed a bit more fleshing out. Cool cover, but it doesn’t really represent the low thriller inside.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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