Dead Man Code


By R. Weir




Jarvis Mann, Denver P.I. is back for another case. This time he’s investigating the murder of a man who worked for an online security firm. This case will pit him against Russians and Chinese bad guys and take him to California and Vegas. Along the way, he’ll meet beautiful, seductive women and a sleazy P.I. Will he piece together the clues before he’s a dead man?

Weir does come up with some elaborate plots but they keep me interested. This one doesn’t get too technical so don’t worry about computer-ese being thrown around.


Jarvis Mann: Denver private investigator, owns a Harley and a Mustang, brother is dead (see previous Mann mystery)

Adam King: private investigator, curly blond hair

Mandy Bailey: 5’3”, blonde, widow, cheerleader in college

April Rainn: cop, martial artist, has 3 brothers, dad was a cop, played baseball and basketball in college

Mitchell Crabtree: former Army, owns a 1970 Corvette, former security officer, 6’4”, married with child, slender, dark brown hair, 40s.

Oh, and so many more well rounded characters. Weir doesn’t mess around with nonsense. Some good background, and when I read the characters, I knew who they were, cold get a good mental picture of them.


Good voices. Minimal outside-the-case conversations that helped develop the characters.

Weir has a habit of having all of the character speak like Star Trek’s Data trying to use contractions but not completely succeeding. It would be okay if one or two spoke this way, but all became a little annoying. It’s not natural. They don’t have to use lofty highbrow words, or garble vocabulary, but the non-contractions are a bit much.


First person from Mann’s POV. Profanity.

One or two minor and very brief slow spots but they weren’t too bad. Good action, okay tension and emotion, good insight into Mann’s feelings about women, his ex girlfriend, and himself. I like the story because it brings in a bit of old fashioned detective stuff, some good fights, some good cop hatred toward Mann, slightly over the top (and possibly topless) female seductresses.

I wasn’t sure about the relationship with the Russians. I didn’t quite understand how they were the bad guys at the beginning but ended up being not quite so bad near the end. Especially since they weren’t seen throughout most of the book.

Anyway, I thought about Green for a rank, but the like-ability factor was high throughout the book. So, this one receives a:

Purple Belt



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