Forbidden Birth


By Dr. William Rubin


Somebody is killing pregnant women and removing their babies. Newly commissioned investigator, Dr. Christopher Ravello is assigned the case. He and his partner track down the clues, but more bodies are found. How does a mobster and a stem cell researcher fit in? When the situation turns personal, the case heats up and the tension is thick.

This is an interesting plot with lots of medical material, a serial killer, and a venture into what might be just around the corner for scientific discovery.


Christopher Ravello: homicide investigator, former general surgeon, married with kids, mother dead

Ray Petersen: chief of detectives

Kevin Kennedy: Ravello’s partner, body builder, sister dead

April Cassidy: long brown hair, stripper

Johnny Briganti: doctor, drug maker, bouncer

There is no shortage of characters and I think they were fairly well developed. The similarity of Ravello and Kennedy both having relatives murdered made them seem closer than their otherwise long friendship. I thought Briganti was a pretty good character, but he fell by the wayside and his subplot with the mob also was forgotten.


The serial killer is named The Giver. He has a lot of spoken dialogue that is only for himself. It was okay, but not natural. Voices were pretty good and distinction.


Profanity. 1st person from Ravello’s POV in his scenes, third person POV in other chapters.

There was a lot of medical-ese given with not a lot of explanation.

I thought the story flowed pretty well, up until the latter chapters. I felt in the last 20 or 30 pages, the story was rushed. Ravello was blackmailed into doing some things he normally wouldn’t do and I felt those scenes were rushed. They happened too quickly to get to the climax. Because of this his emotions were almost lost. I didn’t get to see the internal debate, the sacrificing of morals. I think this part could have been lengthened to show the tortuous moments of his going against his sense of right and wrong.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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