The “Tail” Of Rugby Jones


By Claudia Broome



Rugby Jones is a Welsh Corgi who gets adopted and comes to live on a farm. There he meets other animals and has adventures then. One day, while playing with another dog, Rugby is injured and loses the ability to move his back legs. Rugby has to overcome his disability to be able to continue to live a full life.


Rugby Jones: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Mom: owner of Rugby, blonde, left-handed

Dr. Dave: vet

Miracle: Calico cat

Foxie: red fox

Katie: Jack Russell Terrier

There are a lot of animal characters and a few humans in this book. Bits and pieces of information are know. Not too much but okay.


Mom is the only one who speaks. Well, there is a Rugby sentence or two, but Mom’s voice is always light-hearted even when she is not happy with Rugby.


Titled chapters.

1st person from Rugby’s POV.

Some missed quotation marks or quote in the wrong places in some dialogue.

This is more of a summary of the time with Rugby on the farm rather than a series of stories. There are incidents and anecdotes but they don’t last too long.

It’s presented as if Rugby is speaking to a group of kids because he asks a lot of questions to the reader that relate to his experiences in the book.

The book is positive and uplifting and speaks to those with disabilities. It’s a longer children’s book than most but there are illustrations (although some of them are seem ‘photoshopped’ which doesn’t quite work for me).

Still, I chose to review because I like animal stories and I wanted to see how well one with an animal that overcomes an injury was written.

My rank:

Blue Belt



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