The Price Of Justice


By Vincent S. Green



When the wife of a high ranking military man is brutally murdered, and her ex lover is arrested for the murder, Jack Garret is called in to try the case for the defense. Paired with attorney Cameron Wells, he soon runs afoul of people who want the case over, the defendant found guilty and everything hushed up. What could cause such violence? Jack and Cameron risk their lives to discover the truth.

I think is a wonderful plot and I wish the book had gone on longer to really explore everything.


Jack Garret: 45, attorney, former special ops, widower, has a son

Cameron Wells: attorney, former military intelligence, martial artist, blonde, freckles, hazel eyes, rank of Colonel

Frank O’Connor: judge, 50s, chestnut hair, rank of Colonel

Phillip Rubie: short, gray flecked black hair, brown eyes, fixer for the CIA, has a daughter, first wife and daughter dead

Norman Harris: Lt. General, tall, lanky, married (at the beginning)

A good array of characters. I would have liked the book to have been longer to explore each of them a bit more. As it was, a lot of information had to be absorbed pretty quickly.


I think Frank’s voice came through pretty well. Phillip’s daughter’s does, too.


Titled chapters. Profanity.

This is a relatively short book and I think therein lies the problem. This is a great story but details aren’t explored. There is good action, especially at the climax and even afterward. This is an intricate plot but it moved very fast. Within the first 50 pages, Jack’s son is kidnapped and I wondered why it was done so soon. Jack and Cameron hadn’t discovered anything yet. This could have been drawn out a bit more with scenes of the baddies talking and plotting, Jack and Cameron gathering clues. The trial was hardly a blip and that could have been a fun time. The super weapon wasn’t explored very much. It showed up, did its thing and hardly a word afterward. I thought it was a cool thing that needed to be shown more and explained more. No word on how it was made, what the deployment power was and where it went after everything was done.

A nice small twist at the end that was foreshadowed throughout.

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Green Belt



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