By Elizabeth Young




Terrorist plan to repeat the attack on America done by the Japanese in World War II. Hot air balloons filled with poison drop over various parts of the country. It’s up to the President and his team to find and stop the terrorist before worse attacks occur.

I think this was an ingenious plot. It lacked a central hero/heroine or hero team out searching for the bad guys.


Carmen: works at an electronics store, black hair

Raul: Carmen’s brother, works for the CIA

Elliot Bradley: U.S. President, former physicist and CEO of Markham Controls

Ahmed al Kodari: terrorist, has a twin sister

Maya Tchernov: 65, Defense Secretary, blonde hair, blue eyes, 4 star General, former lawyer and governor, parents dead, has a sister, widow

…and too many more. You need a roster and a time line to keep everyone straight and up-to-date. Though the characters were pretty good, I felt there were too many. I couldn’t focus on anyone in particular, because the story bounced from character to character.


Fairly good voices once you understood who the characters were but nobody shined. Too many.


Chapters headed by date.

As mentioned above, for me, I wanted a central figure to be in search of the terrorists throughout. There were a couple, but they weren’t central. The Washington team never left Washington so they became talking people who kept having meetings.

Low tension. Almost no real action.

The Prologue was not a prologue, it was a statement of information.

There was a bit of confusion at the beginning with time.

An incorrect name was mentioned in one chapter.

Relatively short chapters.

So, as always, my ranking reflects my enjoyment of the book. Others may find it intriguing. I found it a pretty even keel throughout.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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