By Erik Therme



Kaylee is invited to a friend’s house for a party. The attendees end up in an abandoned retirement home for a scavenger hunt. The hunt doesn’t last too long when Kaylee encounters a deaf boy. From there, danger lurks around every corner, especially when they find themselves locked inside the building

Not quite what I expected. I didn’t expect a ghost story, but this has some suspense.


Kaylee: 15, father and mother having marital problems, blonde

Jamie: 15, blonde, parents dead, owns a cat, has a mole on her lip

Ethan: 15, Jamie’s twin brother, dark hair, freckles

Wren: 15 dark hair, beaky nose

Anna: mud brown hair

Sidney Elizabeth: braided pigtails for hair, parents in prison

I thought the characters were pretty good and they interacted well together. Only a couple had last names. Since the story centered on Kaylee, I didn’t see a lot of development from the others. Jamie was missing in the story for a long time and though the reason is explained, I thought she should have had more play in being Kaylee’s antagonist.


Reasonably good voices and conversations went okay. Not a lot of time for extraneous stuff, but the arguments between the girls played out well.


First person from Kaylee’s POV.

This book doesn’t have any chapters. Except for the epilogue, it’s one long scene. I think writing it this way is fine.

The story is more for the YA or NA crowd. As mentioned, It wasn’t what expected.

Some more descriptions about the building/the halls/rooms at the retirement home would have been good.

Otherwise, a fairly quick and error clean read.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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