By Erick Therme



Andy Crowl is the sole heir to his cousin’s house. Inside, he finds a dead rat…which starts him and his sister on a quest to solve the clues their cousin left for him. In doing so, family secrets are revealed.

An interesting puzzle case. I like those. Solve the clue, which leads to another, and another.


Andy Cowl: 30, smokes, likes puzzles, divorced

Kate Anne Crowl: Andy’s sister

Nate Shawler: shop owner, 300 lbs., scar on arm

Mary Moore: 5’, 200 lbs., aunt of Andy/Kate

Ricky Simms: cemetery groundskeeper, 60s, thick neck, widower

An interesting cast of characters. Mary has the most relevance to the game, but the others add to the plot.


Some good voices. Nate’s easy going, Kate’s whinging, Ricky’s yelling. Some overuse of ‘ly’ adverbs on tag lines.


Book is divided into Days. Relatively short chapters. A couple instances of mild profanity.

I thought the story flowed fairly well with some hiccups. There were several cliffhangers and the next chapter would start with the person already out of danger and an explanation of how. That was a bit of a let down.

Mild action but nothing real intense. The story seemed a bit disjointed in places, but it was pretty easy to follow. One of the clues didn’t make sense and was never explained, but the story wrapped up well and left me feeling a bit for Andy, because he didn’t know the story was over.

Anyway, clean error free writing and a pretty good book.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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