By Alex Chu



When Logan Weidman receives an email to join a secret society known as the Monarchs, he believes it to be spam. However, the group is real and if he joins, he will have years of success and wealth ahead of him. All he has to do is…kill someone. Soon Weidman discovers that there are more things to the Monarchs than just the benefits. Can he escape the influence?

Okay, I was intrigued by this plot, especially since it’s based on a real email received by the author. Unfortunately, this plot is pretty predictable in the way it unfolds.


Logan Weidman: 29, works at a call center for a furniture company, B.A. in Economics from N.Y.U., MBA from Rutgers, parents divorced

Jarod: late 20s, tanned, short dirty blond hair, green eyes, works with Weidman in the call center

Lee: Auburn hair, thin, has a dog, works with Weidman in the call center

Hunter Hummel: olive skinned, sapphire eyes, golden blond

Fernando: Latino, 30s

Kyiwam: black, early 20s, black hair

There are a few more characters who are introduced throughout the book. Not a lot of background info on them and some don’t have last names.


Fairly average voices, no real distinction. Conversations don’t last long.


Book is divided into 2 Parts. Profanity. Some chapters headed by date.

As mentioned, this book is pretty formulaic with no real surprises. I thought it might get into more of the history of the Monarchs, where and how they originated, how their influence worked throughout the centuries, how they influenced world events, etc. But, sadly, none of this was delved into.

Fairly clean writing but it’s a shorter book than most, so it’s a quick read.

This is good story but it could have used more meat. I thought it would have been interesting to learn more of the email the author received, the contents, how she handled it, and how it developed into the story.

My Rank:

Green Belt



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