How To Catch Your Mate


By Michael Goldenberg


Please don’t send me requests for reviews on how-to books or self-improvement or anything akin to this book. Once again, this is a rare occasion where a book struck my interest. I don’t read these on a normal basis, but I was emailed a list of reviews that were desperately needed and this one caught my eye.


Women, are you looking for a mate? Well, this book gives you tips you can use to up the odds of catching that right man.

This is written by a man to women, based on ideas collected from men. I thought it was going to be more in depth but a lot of the topics covered are skimmed. However, a lot are common sense.


Well, none, really, unless you want to include the author who is married with children.

I thought there might be more anecdotes but there were only a few examples of bad dates.


Well, none, really, except for a few lines thrown out.


Titled chapters. Really, really short chapters. Some illustrations. One instance of mild profanity.

The author takes the first several chapters setting up the rest of the book.

I thought there might be more humor and although it was written in a light-hearted manner, I didn’t find any ha-ha moments.

Some of the topics covered include: Being wary of the ‘C’ word; preparing the man’s attraction through a messenger; preparing for the first date; using compliments; knowing how to cook; cleanliness; and preparing for sex.

As mentioned, this doesn’t go in depth and is a very quick read. Many of the tips are common and common sense. I had a minor disagreement with one of them only because I’m a traditionalist with an open mind.

Still, a pretty well written book…with a guaranteed certificate at the end…

My Rank:

Camouflage Belt



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