A Touch Of Suspense


By Kathryn J. Bain




Three stories, all featuring K.T. Morgan.

In The Visitor a serial killer thinks he has his next victim well in hand.

Small Town Terror brings serial kidnappers/murderers back to a town they visited years before and this time they’re wanting to teach everyone a lesson.

In Reunion, a felon is determined to take back what he thinks is his: his ex wife.

So, these have a wandering woman-K.T.-showing up in the locales of each story, the heroine to save the day. I think the basic plots of each are good, but there are problems. The major one is that I was unfamiliar with the K.T. character. She just shows up with no explanation of why she’s in the towns to begin with. Is she a Jack Reacher type who travels around and ends up in these dramas? It seemed almost too pat to have the bad guys already in action and K.T. pops up. In Reunion, I didn’t understand why K.T. befriended the daughter of the guy the felon’s ex was going to marry. I would have thought the teen would have had better sense than to accept friendship from a stranger so quickly.


Christine Westman: 26, blonde, blue eyes, medical assistant

Kathleen ‘KT’ Morgan: 5’8”, around 30, widow, brown eyes, tattoo on shoulder, drives a Jeep, former Marine

Colt: has a brother, scar on face

Elizabeth Corman: waitress, married, pregnant, mom dead, blonde

Raymond Lindley: divorced

Some good characters and some of them had decent background information even for the short-ness of the stories. I was a bit confused since in the first story, K.T. was introduced as Kathleen Tatiana but used Morgan in the other two stories. No explanation why.


For the most part, I think the characters had separate voices. The teen in Reunion and her dad. K.T.’s tone was pretty straightforward, even when conning the bad guys in Small Town Terror. She didn’t become too excited or emotional in her conversations.


Chapters headed by date/time

3rd person POV except for parts in The Visitor when scenes were 1st person from the killer’s POV.

In Small Town Terror, I thought there were too many repetitions of the phrase “…when Shirley arrived/came.” in reference to the impending birth of the baby.

Because of the short stories a lot of things, as mentioned above weren’t fully developed. K.T.’s character/background/reason for wandering around the country.

The main bad guy in Small Town Terror wants to visit this small town to teach them a lesson before he and his gang head off to Cuba. First: there was no explanation on what happened the last time he was in the town, if he had lived there, etc. Second, I didn’t quite believe that the bad guys thought they could just hop a boat to Cuba and why would think to go there?

Clean writing throughout and I understand K.T. is in a longer novel, so watch for that. Maybe in that book, there will be explanations. For this triple feature I give this a

Green Belt



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