Eye For An Eye


by Ben Coes




Covert operative Dewy Andreas helps discover a Chinese mole in Mossad, and thus begins a chess match of deadly proportions. When the Chinese Minister for State Security, Fao Bhang, discovers the identity of Andreas, he sends assassins to Argentina where Andreas is with his fiance, America’s National Security Adviser. When the kill mission goes wrong, Andreas reverts back to his military training in order to seek revenge. It’s a game of one-upmanship between Dewey and Bhang. But there are other players in the game, both American and British who also would like to see Bhang eliminated. And unbeknownst to Andreas, he is included in their schemes.

An oft seen plot with your typical explosions and gunfire. Nothing too new here.


Dewey Andreas: 39, covert operative, usually on assassination missions handsome, unruly brown hair, bright, cold, blue eyes, large aquiline nose, grew up in Maine, played football for Boston College. Went to Ranger school. Was in Delta Force. Had a son who died at age six from leukemia. Drives a Ford F-150, played hockey in high school, has a scar on his left shoulder to his bicep, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Fao Bhang: minister of China’s state security, has a half brother, was an assassin, smokes

Jessica Tanzer: 37, National Security Advisor, Andreas’ fiancee, auburn hair

Raul: 31, assassin, has a penthouse in Peru, drives a red Kawasaki Ninja 10r, long hair, muscular

Adrian King: 35, the President’s Chief of Staff, 5’8”, thick brown hair, bushy eyebrows

Lots of characters who come and go, play minor but important roles. Thrillers like this are noted for lots of politicos and agents and contacts. It’s pointless to list a lot of the characters, since most of them end up dead after a few chapters. Coes includes the standard array of good guys, bad buys, and those behind the scenes.


Not too bad for capturing the voices of the characters. As I mentioned, there are a lot of characters, but each seem to have a good distinctive voice. For me, I have to assign a voice (deep, calm, cynical, etc.) for each character, even if a few sound similar. Especially with a book such as this one with a plethora of voices. Conversations don’t wander too much from the point of the scene which is good because the book is long enough without extraneous material.


Lots of relatively short chapters. Chapters headed by location. Profanity, but that’s expected in a thriller such as this one. Lots of build up chapters, drawn out details. Short scenes here and there to link to other scenes later. There is a ‘busy’ feel to it. The actions scenes move but there are many instances of repeated words within a paragraph which tends to give the action a stilted feeling. I felt the story could have been written a little tighter without a lot of the extra stuff. Still, a decent thriller.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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