The Twitter Troll

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By Timothy A. Price


When Kyle King gets fed up with the behind-the-times police department, he quits and starts a private investigations firm with a geeky computer nerd partner. Their first case deals with a troll who is writing vicious statements against an aging actress.

That’s about it and though a good plot, doesn’t fully develop or have much to it because the story is pretty short. (Only 27 pages on my epub version).


Kyle King: cop (at the beginning before he quits), drives a Chevy, slightly built frame, 30s

Ally: 20s, wears glasses

Jane Lake: 70s, actress, fit

Cherida Lake: Jane’s daughter, 30s, has a daughter

Anthony Lyons: Jane’s manager, 50s, greying hair

Some typical characters. I did enjoy the camaraderie between Kyle and Allie. Kyle is more into the technology side and Ally is more into the self-promoting social media side. It was interesting that as a computer nerd, she didn’t know about Bitcoins.


Pretty standard and each voice fit the character. There were some B-movie bits here and there but for the most part, okay.


As mentioned, a short story. Little action and not enough computer investigation, not enough drawing out of details, not enough suspects, not enough meat. I won’t play spoiler, but I guessed the culprit from the moment the character entered the story. I think this story could have been drawn out, developed and the result would have been a cooler more enjoyable story. Maybe the next story in the series…

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