Incognito 453x680

By Khaled Talib


The Pope has been kidnapped. Ayden Tanner, part of a secret organization, leads a team around Europe and the Middle East to find him. He is up against a powerful organization…The Sword.

Okay, so this plays out like a shaky parallel to a James Bond type adventure. There are elements of JB floating around, but there are also problems


Gregoire: Pope, thin hair, button nose, French, attended Soronne U., Masters in Art and Museum Studies, paints, fluent in 4 languages

Ayden Tanner: 35, member of the League of Invisible Knights, for British SAS

Willem Van Der Haas: 46, Dutch senator, 5’6”, gold flecked blue eyes, golden hair, smokes cigars

Isabelle Gaugler: Belgium, League member, 5’7”, green eyes, brown hair, former army

Guy Cisse: beefy, 6’, thin lips, League member

For the most part, the characters were…okay. I thought the bad guys of the Sword, though vicious, broke down under minimal threat without a lot of pressure put upon them to talk. Ayden and Guy tried to keep the humorous banter up, but sometimes it didn’t fit.

There were other characters throughout and they were…okay. I just didn’t get into them as much as I thought I would. There’s Ayden’s Vatican contact who is a magnet for danger every time Ayden shows up to talk. There’s Haas, which, though he seems like a cool villain, didn’t get as much play as I thought he might.


Yeah, there’s some stereotypical movie dialogue and some stuff the League members said that didn’t work all the time.

The conversation between Ayden (League member) and Cavallo (other secret organization) when they first meet went on for pages and went something like this:

Cavallo: Who are you guys?

Ayden: We’re here to help.

Cavallo: Yes, but who are you?

Ayden: We’re people who want to find the Pope.

Cavallo: Yes, but who are you?

Ayden: People who want to help.

And so on and so on. Then these two work together without finding out too much about each other.


Titled Parts

There were tense problems and POV issues

Otherwise, this was a shorter book, which meant the author had to get on with the action-and there’s a lot of it-without developing a lot of character. There’s an effort, but with so many characters involved, there wasn’t time to deal with the cool stuff of the good guys and the cool stuff of the bad guys because they’re too busy running around Europe shooting at each other. Not saying a lot of shoot ‘em up is bad, but I think the author hurried a bit with the deaths.

So, as to rank. I considered Camo because of the dialogue, but then the enjoyability factor played a part and I found that it wasn’t quite there. I’m not saying this is a bad book, just things here are there bothered me or seemed off or not ‘real’ or together.

My rank:

Yellow Belt



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