Her Final Watch

Her Final Watch (1)

By Marguerite Ashton

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A stripper/escort is murdered and Lily Blanchette is on the case. With a new partner, a new pregnancy, still dealing with the death of her husband, and an exasperating mother, Lily has her hands full. Add to that an involvement with the local mob, well, Lily will have to use all her skills to survive.

But there’s more to the story. Who has secrets that would be devastating or deadly if revealed? Well, pretty much everybody.

What a complex plot. The more I read, the more complex it seemed to become. Put a mystery in the middle of a soap opera.


Lily Blanchette: police detective, widow, pregnant, black (light skinned), black hair, brown eyes, father dead

Jeremiah Mills: police detective, black, 5’2”, trying to quit smoking

Ibee Walters: Assist D.A., bleached blonde

Evan York: police detective, blue eyes, dark hair

Diamond Reese: 27, strip club manager, long wavy brown hair

Several more including Lily’s mother and the mob guys-father and son.

All pretty well developed although I thought Walters would play a bit more of a role than she did. Each had distinctive character. Jeremiah comes across as a smart aleck at the beginning, which surprised me. Because of his history, I thought he might have been a bit more reserved. He comes around, though.


Not too bad. Good give and take, back and forth. Conversations flowed well. A little heat shown. I could have used a bit more emotion in some of the dialogue at times but everybody had his/her own voice.


One mistake that I caught in passing. Spelling error but otherwise clean.

Chapters headed by date and/or time.

I thought it was a well-developed story that didn’t end quite the way I thought. I won’t play spoiler, but not all ends well and tied up in a bow.

Complexities abound but the author handled them well. A cop and mobster story and the profanity was kept in check and not overused.

I don’t know what else to say. A strong story with good action and character development. A tidy mystery with other background info to keep it interesting and moving.

So, to rank. I thought about previous stories and the enjoyment factor and decided this one rated:

Purple Belt



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