Victim Of Compromise


By Luke Johnson


Ray King is a recently promoted Chief Inspector and his first case is the murder of a private investigator. The case involves some very important individuals involved in politics. Add to that an apparent suicide. Just when King thinks he he has the case solved, he realizes he doesn’t…and the body count rises.

An intricate plot set in Britain. Pretty well laid out with some surprises along the way.


Ray King: Chief Inspector, 6’2”, peat brown hair

Terry Donovan: Detective Sergeant, 6’, carrot colored hair

Annette Crosley: former cop, private investigator, brown hair, green eyes, drives an MG Metro

Jim Wallace: graying hair, burly, Chief of detectives

Charles Robertson: MP, tall, sandy hair, 40s, married w/children, owns a security company

A nice cast. Lots of people and a lot of them die. I think there are good personalities and fairly well developed throughout.


Donovan has a good accent, dropping the H’s in a lot of words. The attorneys and Robertson have good voices, too. A lot of conversation. Near the end, I realized the cops spend an awful lot of time talking to people or interviewing people, even if it was a relatively short conversation.


Book is divided into Parts. Some profanity.

I wondered for a bit how the rest of the book was going to play out when the apparent murderer was caught early on. Then the complexity started and it turned into a pretty good chase after the killer since people kept getting killed.

I don’t have anything bad to say about the book. Clean writing. Everything worked out well. It would be interesting to see if King and company show up again in another book. If they do, I think it would be a worthy read.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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