By Dennis Green



Travis Becker is a police investigator who is at a low point in his life. His partner is dead, his girlfriend has left him and he’s afraid he is soon to be unemployed. Then he discovers that there are other dimensions with other Trav Beckers, where his partner isn’t dead and his girlfriend hasn’t left him… What’s a guy to do? He’d better get things straightened out because he’s soon to meet a corpse…named Trav Becker.

Too cool an idea. It may take a scorecard to keep all the players straight, but I think this is an excellent plot worthy of study and, well, numerous possibilities.


Travis Becker: police detective, smokes, 31, black hair, drives a Mustang, father is dead

Sam Markus: particle physicist, spiky red hair, 5’5”, 140 lbs.

Leon Martin: police Captain, 50s, grey hair, wears glasses, master swimmer, tanned

Adam Yount: 23, Trav’s partner, thin, curly blond, blue eyes

Morgan Foster: blonde, psychic, owns a cat

A nice array of characters. There are some good baddies and I won’t mention the other Travs and Sams because that would be too confusing.


Good conversations. Some of the mechanics and techno-ese did become a bit difficult to follow but I didn’t mind and I was able to catch up.


Some profanity. 1st person from Trav’s POV.

There were some irrelevant Interludes. I had to re-read the first 2 before I understood them.

Trav speaks of his dad and his dad showing up at the end was…a bit too convenient. Especially since he wasn’t included previously in the other dimensions.

The action was good and the good twist near the end was not seen but looking back, I should have realized something was going on that didn’t quite jive with Trav’s attitude.

I enjoyed this book and would gladly read the sequel. Where the author goes from here, only he knows.

My Rank:

Purple Belt



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